Bach House Eisenach 2023/2024

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Bach House Eisenach 2023/2024

The Bachhaus, with over 300 original exhibits over an area of 600 m2, is one of the most significant exhibitions focussing on Bachʼs life and music. One of its unique features is the performance each hour of short concerts in the “instrument hall”: on two organs (built in around 1650 and around 1750), a clavichord (1770), the Silbermann spinet (c. 1760) and the harpsichord (1705, copy). In the half-timbered building, built in 1456, residential rooms (bedroom, living room, kitchen) furnished with original furniture illustrate what life was like in the time of Bach. This is where we can see the puzzling “Bach Goblet” and Bachʼs meticulously reconstructed “theological library”. In the adjoining new building, valuable exhibits, multimedia art works and individual listening facilities come together to create an exciting representation of Bachʼs music. There is also a childrenʼs corner with a tricky organ puzzle.

From 18 to 24 March the Bach House, Eisenach, Germany, will again take part in the Jerusalem Bach Festival. It is the seventh time the museum contributes an exhibition to the festival which was founded in 2016. This yearʼs exhibit at the YMCA, Jerusalem, focusses on the historic background of some of Bachʼs secular cantatas that are also performed during the festival.

Special exhibition in Jerusalem:
Johann Sebastian Bach – Music Director and Cantor
Exhibition by the Bach House Eisenach, Germany
Lobby of the YMCA Three Arches Hotel, King David Street 26, Jerusalem
18–24 March 2024

Special exhibition in Eisenach, Germany:
The Old Testament of Piano Players - 300 Years of Bach's Well-Tempered Clavier
Until spring 2024

Permanent exhibition open daily, 10 am - 6 pm. Live music every hour
Bachhaus Eisenach, Frauenplan 21, Eisenach